Archive of 21 November 2006

Tony Blair announces new funding for parenting classes

£4m pledged for parenting classes

The government has pledged £4 million to appoint 77 parenting experts to help families in disadvantaged areas bring up their children.

  • Frank Field says honours have always been sold

    Honours 'have always been sold'

    A former Labour minister has criticised the police probe into the loans for peerages row as "absurd", saying the sale of honours has always gone on and always will.

  • Doctors concerned about security of new electronic patient records

    GPs 'concerned' over NHS data security

    GPs have serious concerns about the security of a new electronic record system being introduced in the NHS, a new survey finds.

  • Tessa Jowell says London 2012 Olympic games will be on budget

    Olympic costs 'up by £900m'

    The cost of the Olympic park in London has already risen by £900 million to £3.3 billion, the culture secretary has confirmed.

  • Figures show the number of asylum seeker deportations has fallen

    Govt misses asylum deportation target

    The number of asylum seekers being deported has fallen by 28 per cent, causing the government to miss its targets on removals, new figures show.

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