Archive of 20 November 2006

Tony Blair reaffirms UK's commitment to Afghanistan

Blair: We will not abandon Afghanistan

There is "no alternative" but to continuing fighting for an end to terrorism and for economic development in Afghanistan, Tony Blair has said.

  • Shadow chancellor George Osborne announces personal debt proposals

    Tories tackle Britain's debt crisis

    The Conservatives have launched an action plan for tackling spiralling consumer debt, saying businesses, government and individuals must take urgent action.

  • New research finds a third of truants miss school because of bullies

    Extra cash to 'help beat bullying'

    The government has pledged nearly half a million pounds to expand a pupil mentoring scheme as new research finds up to 20,000 children skip school every day to avoid bullies.

  • Scientists criticise UK bird flu plans

    Bird flu plans 'need updating'

    Scientists have criticised the government's preparations for an outbreak of bird flu, saying they fail to take into account the latest technological developments.

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