David 'two rugs' Cameron

David Cameron might have earned himself a new nickname
David Cameron might have earned himself a new nickname

David Cameron might have earned himself a new nickname after the latest edition of the register of members' interest shows he received two rugs from Afghanistan's president and defence minister.

But the Tory leader's new nickname as "two rugs" might face competition after he also revealed he received two Christmas hampers, one from the Sultan of Brunei and another from Lord Harris.

In the year since becoming leader of the opposition, Mr Cameron has also seen his life turn around in other ways. The register details his use of private planes and helicopters, as well as a trip to David Beckham's World Cup party and a trip to see a game in the tournament itself in Germany.

And while a little on the celebrity side of following football, Mr Cameron's entry reveals far more about a love for the national game than Newcastle United supporter Tony Blair's.

The prime minister's entry reveals no complimentary football matches, trips to Germany or celebrity encounters. However, there is a connection with the world of pop, with a stay at Cliff Richard's private villa in Barbados, for which he made "charitable donations in lieu of the cost of this accommodation".

Liberal Democrat leader, and former Olympian, Menzies Campbell also reveals an interest in sport - with a trip to the Wimbledon tennis championship in the register. He was joined at the All England Club by Jack Straw - who watched Amélie Mauresmo defeat Justine Henin-Hardenne.

However, Gordon Brown - honorary chairman of Scottish football club Raith Rovers and Tony Blair's expected successor - has a far less interesting entry. His entry on the register reads simply "nil".

Away from the world of sport and celebrity, William Hague seems to have suffered the most for his love of politics, the former Tory leader has seen a reduction in his income of over £500,000 since his recall to the Conservative front bench.

But before MPs organise a whip-round to support the MP for Richmond, Yorkshire, it should be noted he has 34 entries in the register for jobs where he earned between £5,000 and £95,000 - including an appearance on BBC2's Have I Got News For You, and less glamorous appearances such as hosting the Credit Card Awards.


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