MPs debate Iraq war for first time since July 2004
Govt wins Iraq inquiry vote

The government has defeated a House of Commons motion that would have forced them to launch an inquiry into the war in Iraq. MPs voted 298 to 273 to reject a call by Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party (SNP) for a parliamentary investigation into the way the government handled the war. Earlier, foreign… Read more »

Answer NRW’s call for evidence on wild bird licensing says BASC
Improvements to livestock worrying legislation welcome news for gamekeepers, says BASC

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has welcomed the announcement that enclosed gamebirds are to be included within enhanced livestock worrying legislation in England and Wales. Listing enclosed gamebirds and increasing police powers for dealing with incidents of livestock worrying are just two parts of a wider Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill introduced… Read more »

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Margaret Beckett calls for public debate on Trident nuclear missile system
Beckett calls for public debate on Trident

Margaret Beckett has called for a public debate on Trident, saying circumstances are “very, very different” from when the nuclear deterrent was first developed. The foreign secretary said a white paper was due soon on the future of the Trident missile system, which will reach the end of its life span in 20 years, but… Read more »