Archive of September 2005

Plan to help poor families save

New plans to prevent Britain's poorest families having to resort to loan sharks for money have been announced by David Blunkett.


    Brown: 'no going back on reform'

    Gordon Brown has insisted that he will continue to pursue the reform agenda set in place by Tony Blair if he were to become the next Labour leader.


    G8 deal warning

    The G8 deal to help the world's poorest countries out of poverty may not go ahead if non-G8 countries do not agree to the proposals, the government has warned.

  • NAPF calls for citizen's pension to cut pensioner poverty

    Citizen's pension 'fairer to all'

    A citizen's pension giving the same amount to every Briton regardless of how long they work would be fairer and would reduce pensioner poverty, a new report says.

  • Health secretary rejects claims that NHS is being privatised by stealth

    Hewitt rejects NHS privatisation claims

    Health secretary Patricia Hewitt has denied suggestions that the increasing reliance on the independent sector in the NHS was akin to privatisation.


    Kennedy stands tall

    Charles Kennedy answered his critics on Thursday when he received a standing ovation lasting nearly five minutes at the end of the Lib Dem conference in Blackpool.

  • Foreign office issues hurricane advice

    Foreign office issues hurricane advice

    The foreign office has said it has "full confidence" in the ability of consulate officials in the US to help any British tourists caught up in Hurricane Rita.

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