Archive of 26 September 2005

Tony Blair and Irish taoiseach said they "warmly welcomed' the move

Blair welcomes IRA decommissioning

The prime minister and the Irish premier have welcomed a report suggesting the IRA has completed total arms decommissioning.


    Labour conference agenda brings you all the news and events from the Labour party conference 2005 in Brighton.

  • Top leadership candidates have publicly criticised each other's policies

    Tory leadership rivals clash

    The Conservative leadership contest has shifted up a gear, with top leadership candidates publicly criticising each other's policies.

  • Alan Johnson said the government still regarded unions as a 'vital'

    Johnson: No return to the 1970s

    Alan Johnson today took a hard line against union attempts to reintroduce the right of secondary picketing by vowing not to return to the industrial action of the 1970s.

  • Jack McConnell has announced new measures to make the bail and remand system tougher

    McConnell gets tough on bail

    Courts would be forced to explain why a suspect has been granted or refused bail, Scotland's first minister said today.

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