Archive of 4 February 2005

Brown: Science is important

Brown: Economic success depends on science

Britain's future economic success depends on making better use of its cutting-edge scientific research in areas such as genetic experimentation and stem cell research, Chancellor Gordon Brown today.


    Rice arrives in the UK

    New US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has arrived in the UK.


    Straw pressed on Darfur

    Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are calling for answers about Britain's role in tackling the crisis in Darfur.

  • Card companies urged to be more transparent

    Credit card companies urged to improve

    An influential committee of MPs has urged the credit card industry to give consumers clearer information about the deals they are offering.

  • Rice: US is not planning attack on Iran

    Rice: No attack on Iran

    The question of whether the US would attack Iran is "simply not on the agenda at this point", Condoleezza Rice said today.

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