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Straw: Assassination is a set-back to peace
Straw: Beirut assassination set-back to peace

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said he deplores yesterday assignation of the former Lebanon prime minister Rafik al-Hariri. Mr Straw added that the loss of Mr Hariri will be a set back to peace in the region. In Lebanon, the people have begun three days of mourning whilst the army has stepped up security. Mr… Read more »

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McConnell urges public to inform on dealers
Public urged to inform on drug dealers

Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell has launched a new campaign, funded by money confiscated from criminals, to urge the Scottish public to inform on drug dealers. The advertising campaign, entitled “Dealers don’t care, do you?” is funded by money seized from convicted criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Mr McConnell, said the new campaign… Read more »

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