Archive of February 2005

Government focuses on 'serial truants'

Education Secretary Ruth Kelly is to launch a new offensive against the hardcore of truants that account for the majority of those missing school.


    More trouble for legal aid system

    Only a few weeks after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the McLibel two suffered from not having access to legal aid, a new judgement has also questioned the system.


    New Fathers 4 Justice stunt at Downing Street

    Protestors from the fathers' campaign group Fathers 4 Justice have launched a new stunt to coincide with Labour's launch of its family friendly policies.

  • Tories pledge to reform sports administration

    Sports quangos earmarked for abolition

    The Conservative Party has pledged to unify the "complicated" administration overseeing sport with an "accountable" and "transparent" single "British sports foundation".


    Conference to 'name and shame' BNP members

    Kevin Curran, general secretary of the union the GMB, is leading calls for greater public awareness of the criminal elements within the British National Party.

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