Saddam’s sons: photo proof released

The US military has released pictures of the two bodies believed to be Saddam Hussein’s sons.

The military took the decision to release the photos of Uday and Qusay Hussein in an effort to prove to the Iraqi people that the coalition could catch key members of the regime.

The two sons, who were feared throughout Iraq, were killed in a firefight in the Northern city of Mosul on Tuesday. The pictures have been released to quell a high level of sceptism by the Iraqi people that the US military forces had killed the men.

The US had been reluctant to release the pictures because of western sensibilities about seeing dead bodies. However, viewers of Middle Eastern television are often confronted by pictures of the dead.

The pictures were released through a CD Rom and are likely to dominate tomorrow newspapers in the UK.

The military have shown the pictures to an Iraqi Reuter’ s reporter and to members of the Iraqi council who believe that the pictures are of Saddam’s two sons.