Wales to rollout tough new rates to penalise second home owners

This morning the Welsh government announced plans that could make second home ownership more expensive.

First, the council tax premium local authorities are permitted to impose on second homes will soar from 100 per cent  to 300 per cent from April 2023.

Homes rented out for tourism will have to be  let out for a minimum of 182 days per year to qualify for business rates as opposed to pricier council tax fees.

The current minimum is just 70 days.

Recent data suggests there are 24,873 chargeable second homes in Wales, a figure which does not include those currently qualifying for business rates.

Explaining the new plans, Wales’  minister for finance and local government Rebecca Evans, said: “These changes will give more flexibility to local authorities and provide more support to local communities in addressing the negative impacts that second homes and long-term empty properties can have.”