Tory MP calls for debate over scrapping ‘regressive’ BBC licence fee

Conservative MP Scott Benton has said the BBC’s licence fee ought to be scrapped due to the “rise of GB News”.

Benton, who has served as the MP for Blackpool South since 2019, complained about the “ideologically biased output of much of the mainstream media” and expressed his doubts over what he perceived to be a “regressive TV tax”, and said a debate about its future was required.

The Conservatives’ leader in the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, replied by saying people should watch and appear on GB News. How.ever he said the BBC license fee was “of course a matter” for the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries.

BBC TV Licence Fee

“I would encourage him [Benton] to lobby her enthusiastically,” he told MPS.