Sue Gray ‘in dialogue’ with Scotland Yard and set to ‘re-interview’ Cummings

According to the Sunday Times, Sue Gray has had an “ongoing dialogue” with Scotland Yard about her investigation into alleged rule-breaking at Downing Street. However, she has not decided how much to disclose to the public or police.

Although Downing Street had assumed that Ms Gray’s report would give the prime minister some breathing space, there are now reports her investigation will be harsher than previously predicted. 

Gray is still in the process of conducting her inquiry into scandal, much of which will focus on finding out whether various senior government figures, such as the prime minister, knowingly broke the law by holding Downing Street parties while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

During his interview with the deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab, this morning, Sky News’ Trevor Phillips said he “understands” civil servant Sue Gray is due to “re-interview” former No 10. adviser Dominic Cummings on Monday. 

Refusing to be drawn on Phillips’ revelation, Raab responded by saying he “accepts the seriousness of the issue”, adding that Ms Gray “should be able to determine who, when and how she investigates”.