Roughly 20 Conservative MPs submit letters of no confidence in PM

According to The Daily Telegraph, party insiders are estimating that roughly 20 Conservative MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson to the 1922 Committee.

Under the Conservative Party’s leadership rules, a formal vote of no confidence will be sparked if 15 per cent of the party’s MPs submit a letter to the 1922 Committee; this means 54 letters.

One of those to submit a letter is Sir Roger Gale, the MP for North Thanet, who has described the PM as a “dead man walking”.

Additionally, half of Scottish Conservative MSPs have called on Johnson to resign.

Also today, prominent Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, the chair of the Commons Defence Select Committee, has told The Times: “This sort of behaviour shouldn’t be conducted at any time, let alone during a lockdown … I say to the prime minister, ‘Lead, or get out of the way and step aside’”.