Putin must be held to account for possible war crimes, says MP

The chair of the International Development committee, has endorsed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to launch a war crimes investigation into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement released today, Sarah Champion MP argued: “Russia’s indiscriminate bombing and attacks on its neighbour have resulted in hundreds – possibly thousands – of civilian deaths and has already created one million refugees desperately seeking safety. The international community has come together to condemn his actions and the economic sanctions have already been felt in Russia.

She went on: “Now is the time to seek the legal avenue: President Putin must be held to account for possible war crimes. Accordingly, I welcome the ICC’s announcement of an investigation into Ukraine, and the role that the UK and its allies played in pushing for this.

“The next step will be decisive and rapid action to document what is happening on the ground in Ukraine, to preserve evidence for future prosecutions. Today (Thursday), the UN Human Rights Council is holding an urgent debate on Ukraine. I call on all countries to use this debate to press for an investigative panel of independent experts, with the power to collect this vital evidence and to support the ongoing efforts of individuals and NGOs in Ukraine.

“From its ongoing atrocity prevention inquiry, my committee knows only too well that ending any sense of impunity can play a critical role in preventing future atrocities.”