Partygate probe could publish photos of Boris Johnson at No 10 parties 

Photographs of prime minister Boris Johnson at lockdown-defying No 10 gatherings could be published in Sue Gray’s ongoing ‘Partygate’ probe.

Sky News reported earlier today that those working on the Cabinet Office’s inquiry have allegedly been forwarded the damning evidence by No 10 staff.

This news would seem to tally with Johnson’s former top aide Dominic Cummings’ remarks in December that “lots” of photos of parties in No 10 that will “inevitably get out”.

“We’re currently expecting the outcome of the Sue Gray report,” adding that: “we’ll need to look at what the contents of that report is”, Foreign secretary Liz Truss told Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

She said she did not wish to “prejudge what’s in the report and of course we had the announcement yesterday of the police investigation and again I don’t want to prejudge what’s in that.”

When quizzed over her own leadership ambitions Ms Truss told Sky News that the prime minister “has my 100 per cent support… Absolutely, he has my complete support.