No government response to committee’s immigration report almost four years on

The Scottish affairs committee have complained that they are still awaiting a government verdict on its immigration report almost four years on.

The committee has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland today, has expressed its disappointment that the government has failed to meet the deadline to respond to committee reports.

The committee’s 2018 report, Immigration and Scotland, is still awaiting a response, as is the May 2021 report, Universities and Scotland. Both immigration and higher education are important matters for Scotland, and failure to respond to the committee in a timely manner is showing little courtesy to the committee or people who contributed to its inquiries.

The committee Chair, Pete Wishart MP, said: “It is unacceptable that after the hard work of the committee, and all those who submit evidence to our work, to go without the courtesy of a Government response.

He went on: “The rules state that responses should be forthcoming within two months: approaching four years is simply outrageous. Our committee looks into the issues that matter most for Scotland: immigration and higher education being key priorities. Yet it’s clear that our reports are still at the bottom of the in-tray at the Scotland Office to respond to. This cannot be allowed to continue.”