International Trade Committee launches inquiry on trade negotiations with India

The International Trade Committee today launches a new inquiry scrutinising the UK’s trade negotiations with India.

Following news that the Government has formally launched negotiations with India, the Committee will consider the Government’s approach and objectives, the progress of the negotiations and, if the talks succeed, the text of any agreement in principle and final signed deal.

The Committee will investigate how a potential trade agreement with India could affect businesses and consumers across the UK, as well as the likely economic, social and environmental impacts. MPs will also investigate the potential economic impacts of increased trade with India for the UK as a whole, as well as particular sectors of the economy, the devolved nations and the English regions.

MPs are likely to explore the impact of a trade agreement with India on food production standards, animal welfare, gender equality, labour standards and the environment.

Potential changes to tariffs and quotas will also be examined, as well as the impact of any deal on immigration policy, investment, consumer protection and trade in services.

The Committee will consider written evidence submissions and take oral evidence from experts, affected parties and the Government, before publishing a report which will inform scrutiny of a potential agreement by the whole House of Commons.

Commenting on the inquiry launch, Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, Chair of the International Trade Committee, said:

“As a diverse, populous and developing country, the opportunities for increased trade with India are exciting and varied. As a Committee, we’ll be exploring whether a trade deal will benefit businesses and consumers in all parts of the UK, and all economic sectors, as well as how environmental issues are dealt with.

“We’ll also be keeping a close eye on how any deal will impact issues such as food standards and labour conditions at home and abroad, and we’ll scrutinise how the Government’s approach to negotiations with India fits into its wider trade policy.

“We welcome written submissions from experts and stakeholders with an interest in, and expertise on, this important topic, and we look forward to holding evidence sessions in due course.”