Conservative MP announces plans for new campaign to push low-tax agenda

Conservative MP for Wycombe, Steve Baker has revealed he is in the process of setting up a new Westminster campaign group to push Boris Johnson to adopt a low tax, small state position in the wake of a series of tax rises.

Baker has a history of managing successful backbench rebellions against Conservative PMs. He was notably Chair of the “European Research Group” (ERG), a pro-Brexit group of Conservative MPs, until his promotion to ministerial office in June 2017. After resigning from government in July 2018, Baker rejoined the ERG as Deputy Chair. 

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Baker said: “I’m looking at a party which is going in the wrong direction and I’m looking at building an organisation that will provide a vehicle to unleash the potential of the United Kingdom and redefine a free market conservatism for the future”.

“We have to rediscover the kind of conservatism that cuts taxes, not raises them. The public always want higher spending and lower taxes — the trick is to persuade them to pick one.”

Earlier this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced future increases to National Insurance and Corporation Tax.