Johnson questioned over Russia and Partygate in liasion committee

Johnson: ‘We need to intensify sanctions against Russia’

Boris Johnson has called on Western allies to intensify sanctions against Russia ‘until every single Russian troop is out of Ukraine’.

Appearing in front of the liaison committee, the prime minister was asked by foreign affairs committee chair Tom Tugendhat about at what stage the UK should lift sanctions against Russia.

Johnson said: “I certainly don’t think that you could expect the G7 to lift sanctions simply because there’s been a ceasefire in Ukraine.

“In my view, we should continue to intensify sanctions with a rolling programme until every single one of his troops is out of Ukraine.”

The prime minister also said he doubted “the genuine willingness of Putin to cooperate” in peace talks with Ukraine.

Partygate: PM ‘pretty much toast’

While answering questions to the liaison committee, prime minister Boris Johnson also refused the give a “running commentary” on Downing Street party investigations as he is told that he is “toast”.

When asked whether he thought that the optics of hosting a “party” on the night that it was reported that 20 penalty notices were put in place, Johnson responded, saying “that’s not the way I see things”.

Johnson said that he has “no doubt” that he would return once the Metropolitan police has completed their investigation.