A Syria solution?

Syrian resolution
Syrian resolution

The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly in favour of an Arab league-led resolution condemning the violence of the Syrian regime and calling for it to cease.

It also demands the resignation of embattled president Bashar al Assad, who was
yesterday accused by UN General Secretary Ban ki-Moon of crimes against humanity.

It is the newest in a series of attempts by the United Nations to end the violence of the Syrian government; all have been opposed by Russia and China.

The resolution passed by 137 to 12 and it is hoped the non-binding agreement will pile more political pressure on the Assad regime.

The Syrian government is responding by saying the action would make the situation worse and encourage the armed gangs it claims are responsible for the chaos.

The Russians argued the resolution only gave demands to government and not the opposition and was therefore unbalanced - the Chinese government stated they did not think it the appropriate solution to the crisis.

Foreign secretary William Hague praised the resolution and emphasised Britain's commitment to helping the Syrian people.

The violence in the country began last year, as Syria was swept up in the events of the Arab Spring. The government deployed the military, and human rights groups now put the death toll at 7000.




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