• What next for Labour? published by Queensferry, Sept 5th 2011, £9.99, paperback.

    Review: What Next For Labour?

    After 13 years of government the Labour party emerged, blinking, into the harsh realities of opposition. Last time this happened it was 1979 and Labour didn't return for 18 years. What Next For Labour? looks at how the party might battle back a bit quicker this time around.

  • Jessica Chastain and Jesper Christensen in The Debt

    Review: The Debt

    The Debt is a taut, gripping and surprisingly disturbing thriller.

  • Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital, published by Allen Lane, £20, hardback, published September 1st 2011

    Review: Honey Money - The Power of Erotic Capital by Catherine Hakim

    The suggestion that being well-presented, charismatic and attractive are key ingredients of success is nothing new. It's the implications of Catherine Hakim's concept which prove most surprising.

  • Review: Tablet & Pen

    This timely anthology allows the region's literary giants to speak for themselves, shedding light on Middle Eastern attitudes.

  • Lizzie Roper astounds as Ruth - whose transformation on stage is entirely through monologue.

    Review: The Biting Point

    The Biting Point offers a glimpse into the intense and messy personal relationships that inform our political decisions.

  • Henry Goodman (Sir Humphrey) and David Haig (Jim Hacker) in the updated Yes, Prime Minister

    Review: Yes, Prime Minister

    The stage version of the classic comedy has acquired a darker tinge, but remains a brilliant rendering of the absurdity of life in power.

  • A fascinating insight into the demise of the Prince of Darkness - and with him, New Labour.

    Review: Mandelson - The Real PM?

    In January Peter Mandelson invited Hannah Rothschild to document the dying days of the Labour government. The result proves to be both unsurprising and fascinating.

  • Jilted Generation by Ed Howker and Shiv Malik, out September 2nd 2010

    Review: Jilted Generation

    If you can't buy a house or get a job you're probably looking for someone to blame. This book could help you out - even if it won't solve all your problems.

  • Tony Blair, A Journey

    Review: A Journey

    The former PM is witty, engaging and occasionally wise - but when the mask slips, the faults emerge.

  • Campaign 2010 by Nicholas Jones

    Review: Campaign 2010 by Nicholas Jones

    David Cameron is just as obsessed with the machinations of the British tabloids and broadcasters as New Labour ever was. He's just better at it.

  • Review: The Third Man by Peter Mandelson

    He didn't mean it this way, but Peter Mandelson's memoirs are really about just one man: Gordon Brown.

  • What Price Liberty? by Ben Wilson is now out in paperback

    Review: What Price Liberty?

    If Ben Wilson's right, Britain is in trouble. By forgetting the importance of liberty the country is threatening to betray everything it holds dear.

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