Human Rights Act

Theresa May is expected to pile more tension on the coalition by repeating her call for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped today.

In a speech to Conservative party conference this afternoon, Ms May will announce government plans to alter Article 8 of the Act, particularly a clause which protects the 'right to a family life', but which sometimes stalls the deportation of foreign criminals.

Prime minister David Cameron backs the home secretary's plans and called for the act to be replaced with a UK bill of rights – a plan which featured prominently in the Conservatives' 2010 election manifesto.

However, the Conservative'’ coalition partners remain fiercely opposed to any changes to the current law and Chris Huhne, the Lib Dem energy secretary, said: "If Conservative backbenchers persist in wanting to tear up the European Convention on Human Rights, then I can foresee a time when this party would be extremely uncomfortable in coalition."


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