Archive of March 2017

"The prime minister may have avoided giving any real answers on schools this week but she will ultimately have to face up to the questions"

If Theresa May wants to avoid a schools crisis she's going to have to start listening

The prime minister must stop ignoring the warnings being given by schools

  • "Applying a game theory approach is actually quite insightful since it provides a logical way of picking through the various claims and counter-claims of those in favour of and against leaving"

    The Game Theory of Brexit

    A classic economic game offers a hint of what Britain's chances are in the negotiations to come.

  • "Dredd has gone from a noble, even heroic, guardian who maintains that all are equal beneath the totalitarian boot-heel of the law, to the upholder of a brutalising authoritarian system."

    The politics of Judge Dredd

    As the future lawman celebrates 40 years of publication, we look at the politics of a British comics legend and how he predicted the rise of Donald Trump

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