Pick of the week: Iain Duncan Smith’s secret failures

Pick of the week: Iain Duncan Smith’s secret failures

A chance for you to catch up on our most-read stories of the week.

FiveJeremy Corbyn labelled a 'f***ing disaster' after letting Cameron off the hook at PMQs

After the week the Tories have had, PMQs should have been a walk in the park for Corbyn yesterday. But our fifth placed item suggested the Labour leader failed spectacularly to make the most of the opportunity and get the upper hand over Cameron. The response by some Labour MPs to the performance showed that the divisions in the party are as deep, if not deeper, than those in the Conservative party.

Four: Parents to be stripped of power to challenge academies

With the chancellor using his budget to announce that all schools in England will become academies, a story we reported on last year has made it into our top-five this week. It revealed that the education secretary Nicky Morgan, planned to stop parents using the law to prevent the government converting their local schools into academies.

ThreeUkip uses Brussels terror outrage for political point-scoring

Europe was left reeling after the terror attacks in Brussels this week. But a few people decided this was the perfect opportunity to use the tragedy to make a political point. While the horrific events were still unfolding, Ukip sent out a press release blaming them on free movement.

Two: Disaster for Theresa May as legal ruling brings student deportations to a halt

Next is a report on a court ruling which found that the home secretary deported thousands of students from Britain based on extremely flimsy evidence. Revelations of fraudulent language tests in one London school were enough for the Home Office to start rounding people up and chucking them out of country.

One: IDS loses legal challenge to keep Universal Credit problems secret

Our most-read item this week is a piece which revealed that potentially damning documents on Universal Credit could soon be made public after a judge ordered the DWP to release them. The story came just days before Iain Duncan Smith's shock resignation triggered a wave of open attacks on the Tory leadership.