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Ian Dunt: 'Their war is not with the EU, but with workers' rights'

Comment: No real eurosceptic can support Cameron's referendum

If you really want to get out the EU, don't fall into Cameron's referendum trap.

  • Lincoln is a flawed but respectable offering from Spielberg

    Review: Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg's labour of love to one of America's greatest presidents will be catnip to political geeks but is likely to bore mainstream audiences.

  • Zero Dark Thirty has a complex view of its protagonists

    Review: Zero Dark Thirty

    Kathryn Bigelow issues a gripping and controversial account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

  • Morning winter sunlight floods the White House as Barack Obama talks on the phone with British prime minister David Cameron

    Ten ways Obama's second term will shape Britain

    As Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington DC heralds the start of the US president's second term in the White House, here's a run-through of the most important challenges coming up in the next four years.

  • Glenda Jackson: "The kind of behaviour you saw in parliament would not be tolerated for 30 seconds in a professional theatre."

    Interview: Glenda Jackson

    Politicians and actors have a noble calling of pursuing truth, but the realities of both career choices often involve getting one's hands a little grubby - as Glenda Jackson, parliament's only Oscar winner, knows all too well.

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