The worst MPs on Twitter: One – Brandon Lewis

One: Brandon Lewis



Entertaining 1
Informative 1
Engaging with constituents 1
Regularity 2

A combination of self-obsession and thundering tedium. "Morning run beckons, not doing enough of these at present," he writes, perfectly encapsulating the self-regarding triviality of his thoughts. The sheer boredom of Lewis' comments prompts lethargy. They are a crime against vitality. His party political tweets suggest an inability to grasp the basic concepts of modern British politics along with rules of grammar and meaning. "Labour voted against capping max level of benefits anyone can claim being at the average family wage. They still believe in welfare state." It's an interesting tweet. Firstly, it suggests he believes his party is explicitly against the entirety of the welfare state, a view probably only far-leftists agree with. Secondly, on a purely grammatical level, it is as inelegant a sentence as can be imagined. Sometimes the writing appears barely human, such as in this case: "Rush of left wing tweeters in Last hour or two …hmmmm, do they protest too much??? To quote a great writer badly…". To even invoke Shakespeare amid this level of writing is an affront to human creativity. The political equivalent of a child smearing its face with crayons.

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