The worst MPs on Twitter: Eight – Nic Dakin

Eight: Nic Dakin



Entertaining 2
Informative 2
Engaging with constituents 4
Regularity 4

All the standard tropes of a poor MP's Twitter profile are here, as if Dakin were trying to provide a masterclass for his colleagues. Tedious mentions of social engagements? Check. Posting diary entries, probably automatically? Check. A barrage of relentless positivity about as convincing as Ronald McDonald's smile? Check. "Test match about to start – exciting," he writes, as if daring people to unfollow.  "Very happy to see this image of the first train passing over the new tracks between Scunthorpe and Doncaster." You can feel your life bleeding away as you read it. There is a real chance this Twitter account actually speeds up the aging process.

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