The best MPs on Twitter: Two – Nadine Dorries

Two: Nadine Dorries



Entertaining 8
Informative 8
Engaging with constituents 4
Regularity 4

Dorries won our poll last year and she continues to overshadow most MPs with her weird mixture of warmth and aggressiveness. Her Twitter stream has it all: personality, generosity, controversy, political virulence, news-making commentary and the latest information on her headline-grabbing projects, from hair replacement therapy to I'm A Celebrity. She continues to employ the same confusing mixture of the deeply personal with the confrontationally political. Best of all, she has the ability to write as she talks, lending her tweets an easy naturalism which other MPs should envy. The account reflects her personality, which is by turns complicated, vulnerable, open, judgemental, charismatic and confident. One glance at her recent tweets says it all. They cover Page 3, plain cigarette packs, attacks on Labour, a bizarre insistence that humanism promotes infanticide and calls for MPs to be paid more. And then there are tweets like this one, which typifies why this account has so much more heart than its competitors: "I'm having an operation today… Can someone tell her to get out of my bed #daughters"

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