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Marta Cooper is an editorial researcher at Index on Censorship

Comment: Naked Harry pics made a great story

A week ago Britain's most popular tabloid printed photos of a 27-year-old soldier on leave naked during a party in his hotel room. It was the only British paper to do so.

  • Even the Daleks can't resist getting their picture taken in front of parliament

    The politics of Doctor Who

    The Doctor might well overthrow governments, but he rarely, if ever, sticks around to see how the societies rebuild themselves after his intervention. In some cases he doesn't even bother to find out if the planets citizens want to be liberated in the first place.

  • Charlotte Hill is chief executive of UK Youth

    Comment: 'Work experience before benefits' pilot could backfire

    The vast majority of 18- to 24-year-olds simply want to find work that stimulates them and offers scope to develop. Ideally it will pay them enough to enjoy life a little, too.

  • Patrick Stevens is president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation

    Analysis: The pitfalls of a wealth tax

    The infamous American bank robber, Willie Sutton, reputedly told a journalist who asked him why he robbed banks that it was "because that's where the money is". The same irrefutable logic would appear to be behind the case for a wealth tax.

  • One apparently grounded for good, the Heathrow third runway debate is now encountering a severe period of political turbulence

    Feature: Britain's elusive aviation strategy

    Once apparently grounded for good, the Heathrow third runway debate is now encountering a severe - and prolonged - period of political turbulence.

  • Time to go home... London returns to normal after the Olympics

    The Week in Review: Back to normal?

    An Australian hides behind Ecuador because Britain wants to give him to Sweden who might give him to America. It wasn't quite back to normal after the Olympics this week.

  • The Political Week on Twitter: 13th - 17th August

    The Political Week on Twitter: August 13th - 17th

    The week began with a magnificent showing of the UK's worst pop acts but quickly degenerated into speculation over whether the SAS would storm the Ecuadorian embassy to grab Julian Assange while our political leaders soaked up the sun in the Med.

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