The Ten Worst MPs on Twitter: 6 - Stuart Andrew

Stuart Andrew
Stuart Andrew
Ian Dunt By

6) Stuart Andrew

Score: 9

Entertainment: 2
Information: 2
Regularity: 3
Constituency: 2

Beer and Twitter don't mix so it's unfair to include one evening's social media use in a survey. Nevertheless - and because we have no sense of fairness - Stuart Andrew's Euro 2012 quarter finals tweets were spectacularly misjudged, even by the standards of the dangerous pub/sport/tweet axis. "No updates until it's over!!!" he wrote at one point. Note the idiotic use of exclamation marks. Moments later: "Except for that one!!!!!" Then, despite the previous promise: "How disappointing!" And finally, a eurosceptic pun barely worthy of the name: "As I've always thought...better off out of the Euro!!" Of course, the tragedy of Andrew's Twitter feed is not always so rampant, but the common themes are there: banality, predictability, intellectual failure.

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