The Ten Best MPs on Twitter: 1 - Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries wins the best MP on Twitter
Nadine Dorries wins the best MP on Twitter
Ian Dunt By

1) Nadine Dorries

Score: 26

Entertainment: 10
Information: 7
Constituency: 4
Regularity: 5

Dorries is as divisive as they come. Neither her detractors nor her supporters will need any introduction to the unique blend of religion, emotion and career-destroying political attacks which constitute her approach to Westminster. On Twitter, she is a more nuanced personality than her reputation would suggest. There are three parts to her. Firstly, the right-wing evangelical religious attack dog. Like it or not (most people on Twitter really, really don't) she is the unofficial spokesperson of that viewpoint in public life and therefore a mandatory follow for political observers. Secondly, she is the outspoken Tory backbencher, whose comments on the "cowardly" Conservative leadership will lead news agendas and enter the popular consciousness. Again, it makes her a mandatory follow. Finally there is a disarmingly charming side, where Dorries offers warm, kind hearted messages to friends and enemies alike. Suddenly she becomes cheeky, fun and very human – probably the most natural and unselfconscious of all MPs online. It is a baffling combination of characteristics from a complex political figure. It makes her the best MP on Twitter.


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