Plaid: We need jobs outside of inner London too

Plaid: We need jobs outside of inner London too
Plaid: We need jobs outside of inner London too

Jonathan Edwards, Plaid Cymru's economy spokesperson in Westminster, comments on the state of the UK economy ahead of Budget 2012:

"Ahead of next week's Budget, today's unemployment figures serve as yet another reminder that the UK government's austerity plans are simply not working.

"Across the UK as a whole the unemployment figures have now risen to their worst since 1995, when the Conservatives were last in power.

"Next week’s Budget must concentrate on creating growth and new jobs around the British state, not just in London and the south-east of England.

"That means getting money together for infrastructure projects and ensuring that small businesses get the support they need to develop their businesses.

"In Wales, we are facing a lost generation, with a bleak picture of increasing unemployment for young people and many others forced into part-time work because full-time jobs are just not there.

"These have got worse in the past year because of the Con-Dem cuts coming from London and the do-nothing attitude of the Labour government in Wales.

"Tuesday's GDP figures from Eurostat once again highlighted the massive inequality between areas such as Inner London and many parts of Wales – and the continuation of these damaging policies should not be accepted by the government of Wales or the people of Wales.

"We need investment and a commitment to ensure that new jobs are created everywhere – not just in London."


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