Roy Greenslade: Press must be galvanised by inquiry

Professor Roy Greenslade has claimed the Leveson inquiry, which began today in London, will force the press to re-examine its practices in light of the phone hacking scandal.

Prof Greenslade, media commentator for the Guardian and a lecturer at City University, said improved self-regulation was the likeliest outcome of the inquiry.

"The Leveson inquiry is a prod to the industry to cure itself, to sort itself out," he told the Today programme.

He went on to claim that the first part of the inquiry, into practices and ethics, will be constrained by the ongoing relevant criminal investigations.

"They mustn't prejudice any possible trials of people who may later be charged, so that's problematic," Prof Greenslade said.

"I think it will mean that at least half the inquiry – that bit into hacking itself and what happened – will be invalidated."