The political week on Twitter

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.
The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Travellers at Dale Farm earned a brief reprieve as the decision on their eviction was postponed by an injunction:

@unslugged - For all those calling #dalefarm residents "criminals" - planning law is civil, not criminal law. Your prejudice is exposing your ignorance.

@duckmangler - So #DaleFarm gets a reprieve until Friday? Bad news for the protesters who now have to spend 5 days with their arms encased in concrete.

@fieldproducer - Pouring superglue in that bike chain lock probably doesn't seem such a good idea now the residents have got a reprieve till Friday #Dalefarm

@Hylandlan - The #dalefarm residents have won an injunction until Friday? They could have a theme park up by then.

@mydaydemons - #DaleFarm this is a joke on British law. I'm going to buy a field and build on it. No rent or mortgage sounds good to me. Precedent set.

@owls_4life - Funny how #dalefarm people & protesters want everyone to abide by the court when it rules in their favour but not when it doesn't. #ukfarce

The Liberal Democrat party conference dominated the political airwaves and Twitter:

@johnprescott - I'm sick of listening to talentless, attention-seeking wannabes. So I'm turning over to #xfactor #LDConf

@LouiseMensch - joke variant from Lindsay Moody on my FB: "Why did the LibDem cross the road? To reach the other fence." #ldconf

@nickjbarlow - Is #ldconf having a debate about being in favour of good things and against nasty things? Because that's how it sounds from my timeline

@CllrGarethKane - The press keeps trying to catch MPs off message at #ldconf. But we're always off-message, that's what we're all about!

@pete_boyle - Ed Davey tells Lib Dems to campaign on their record - The record of supporting NHS privatisation, Trebbling fees, raise VAT etc #LDConf

@_Jock - So that's the end of #ldconf. A few days of Lib Dem's telling us how they're not Tories before going home to enact Tory policies.

Embattled energy secretary Chris Huhne's appearances were a particular highlight:

@DThompsonYork - Chris Huhne wants to drive us all to being wiser energy consumers. Oops, sorry - to passenger us all to being better energy consumers.

@MarcNykolszyn - Has anyone ever taken a picture of Chris Huhne without a ridiculous facial expression?

@JamesWorron - Statistically this satellite is most likely to land on Chris Huhne's ego.

@NickMotown - Seeing Chris Huhne repeat "we're all in this together" while terminal patients were informed of benefit cuts was a special treat yesterday.

@ZombieW00F - Chris Huhne - "Public too lazy to change energy suppliers" ; hopefully too lazy to have affairs and force others to take our penalty points?

@GNdhlovu - Chris Huhne is dreaming. When you swap energy companies to a supposedly cheaper one, it also hikes its tariff. It's a lose-lose situation.

Children and families minister Sarah Teather's put in a less than convincing attempt at comedy during her Liberal Democrat conference speech:

@nok32uk - When's Sarah Teather on Live at the Apollo? I must get tickets... #bbctw

@superfurryandy - I'll give Sarah Teather this, she's funnier than Michael McIntyre... #BBCTW

@MONeil1974 - Oh, Sarah Teather. Still embarassed for you.

@ToryShorty - Ahmadinejad clearing the UN building faster than sarah teather at the Lib Dem conference

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was unsurprisingly Twitter's main focus throughout the conference:

@AaronPorter - Clegg: "we can tell people until we're blue in the face". Most people think you aren't just blue in the face Mr Clegg. #ldconf

@ncguk - For those not watching, Nick Clegg is just standing on stage screaming "Did you see what I did? Look what I did! I ruined everything!"

@sixthformpoet - Nick Clegg says everything in the unconvincing tone dads use to tell their kids the fox lying splattered by the road is "just having a nap".

@AaronWood1986 - There is no doubt Nick Clegg can talk well but the truth of a good leader is putting his ideas into action and he hasn't done that. #Failure

@jayneylee74 - Blimey, Nick Clegg throwing everything into his speech! So far quoted, Churchill, self belief, freedom, women, children, kitchen sink....

@tompeck1000 - Not bad from Nick Clegg, but hard to ignore that Wham is trending and he isn't.

@chrisjenkinson - Top quality speech from Nick Clegg - so passionate about an equal start in life for all children #ldconf

@grimreaperblog - Nick Clegg: "Kids, here's £50million. Spend it any way you want, but please, don't riot. Please". #LDconf

@catherine_mayer - Nothing brings out cynicism like a well-crafted, nicely-delivered, thoroughly decent leader's speech

@AdamBienkov - Clegg makes cast-iron pledge to keep the Human Rights Act. That's that doomed then #ldconf

This week's BBC Question Time featured the quick wit of Have I Got News For You stalwart Ian Hislop pitted against newly elected Conservative MP Priti Patel:

@erbins - Ian Hislop for Prime Minister? He speaks directly and truthfully with humour, unlike any politician on earth. #bbcqt

@Trudski2012 - Priti Patel is a poor stand in captain for Paul Merton #bbcqt

@richsimcox - #bbcqt summary: Priti Patel supports death penalty cos it's a deterrent to innocent people to not commit crimes they didn't do #pritivacant

@iainsmith - "Capital punishment is not a deterrent if you kill innocent people." Ian Hislop

@caitlinmoran - Well, I'm 36, I've never heard a logical case for capital punishment before, and Priti Patel has again failed again to provide one #bbcqt

@WandaOpalinska - I love Chris Morris's new spoof #bbcqt show *Love* the Priti Patel character: 'Capital punishment is a deterent. They won't do it again.'

@rpelley - #bbcqt The reoffending rate for criminals who have been executed is acceptably low.

@eggynewydd - I love Ian Hislop. It is so important that people like him exist, still practising real journalism, exposing hypocrisy. #bbcqt

@KerronCross - See how many times Priti Patel says "This is a fact..." and then follows it with something which isn't a fact. #bbcqt

@RopesToInfinity - Priti Patel looks like the sort of person everyone would hate on The Apprentice #bbcqt

@TheCurlyLucy - Has anyone done the "Priti Vacant" joke, yet? #bbcqt

@Saggydaddy - Fully support Priti Patels right to say whatever she wants. If she didn't I wouldn't have laughed so much at #bbcqt"

@edward_quigley - actually, my lyric should have been sung during #bbcqt "hey you with the Priti face, welcome to the human race"

@blairmcdougall - Good grief Priti Patel is like someone totally out of their depth in a dinner party conversation about politics.

@martin_oneill - Priti Patel: the self-presentation of an Apprentice semi-finalist, with the mind & soul of a sclerotic golf club bore #bbqt

@PeatWorrier - Why does Priti Patel answer every question as if she is being interrogated by a skeptical toddler? "I believe this, I really do..." #bbcqt

@Gary_Bainbridge - Do not spend more than you have. Good advice. *buys £257 house* #bbcqt

@Fraz86 - Did everyone see the man with the blatant toupee on #bbcqt last night? I enjoyed that bit almost as much as Priti Patel's ridiculousness

@oliverchalliner - "man in the blue shirt" "woman in the yellow blouse" "that man there with the preposterous WIG!" #bbcqt

@davesusetty - That guy must be a Whig. #bbcqt (correct hashtag this time)

Potential Eurozone collapse was met with trademark detached bemusement on Twitter:

@colmtobin - The Eurozone is a lot like Eastenders. Lots of people stuck together who shouldn't be. And somebody always gets murdered before Christmas.

@philip_waller - How arrogant of Cameron to lecture Europe on how to mend the eurozone when dogmatic Tory policies plunge the UK into the economic abyss #in

@VeryBritishDude - Dear Eurozone, We told you so. Sincerely, a Euroskeptic.

@crunchychi - I remember 10 years ago in my GCSE's I learnt the pro's and con's of a #Eurozone, 10 years on the #sceptics are right #fail


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