The political week on Twitter

The political week on Twitter
The political week on Twitter

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

News emerged that James Murdoch would be recalled to once again to parliament so that he can give evidence to the culture, media and sport committee on phone hacking:

@carlmaxim - Say what you like about James Murdoch...He probably won't remember it.

@OrfulComics - Spent most of my day wiping hard drives and shredding documents. Is this what it feels like to be James Murdoch?

@trollied - Two people have now said I look like James Murdoch. This is not good!

@HairmanWNO - Somewhere in the world Rupert Murdoch is thinking, "Oh shit. Have James and Rebekah been up to it again?" #ScarlettJohansson

@Stressbaker - Dear lord, it's easier to get a truthful answer out of James Murdoch than it is to get my son to do his homework!

Embarrassing allegations made against the chancellor George Osborne sent Twitter into overdrive:

@nedsimons - GMB general secretary tells the TUC that he knows George Osborne "likes to have the whip hand". Ho ho.

@Mariquon - What kind of S&M safe-word is Louise? Where is the imagination? It should be superfragilisticexpialidocious! Hang Osborne!!!!

@MirrorJames - Looking forward to George Osborne's Commons statement this afternoon. May organise a sweepstake on the first Labour MP to shout "Louise"

@DPJHodges - Isn't it time Britain's economy shouted "Louise"?

This week's prime minister's questions raised the tone somewhat, until a question from Labour leader Ed Miliband brought it back down again:

@simonpartridge - Loved the implied suggestion that George Osborne likes a bit of S&M at today's PMQs.

@esclad - Just watching #pmqs, Ed Milliband is a sheep in shepherds clothing - he's really rubbish, weak, opportunistic, totally not a leader.

@PaddyBriggs - Is there any more ludicrous spectacle than 30 big grown up men sticking their tongues out and bawling at each other? #PMQs

@BarryGardiner - #PMQs Sir Peter Tapsell gives a classic example of why you should never drink on an empty head.

@Under__Toad - @MichaelWhite come on Michael, these are politicians. We expect sniggering, emotionally stunted public school innuendo from #PMQs #howsad

News of the boundary review left many speculating as to which MPs would stand to lose out:

@jdthndr - Wait, so the boundary review would've meant the Lib Dems would have lost nearly 25% of their seats even without their vote collapsing? Oof.

@johnprescott - To all the Lib Dems moaning about the boundary review. That'll teach you for agreeing to it to get the AV referendum! #youreapwhatyousow

BBC Question Time was in Northern Ireland. Conservative MP Owen Paterson elicited particular scorn on Twitter:

@epictrader - Why was Owen Patterson speaking in slow motion on #bbcqt last night...does he think we're thick over here or something??

@sould_78 - Owen Paterson is a class A tosser. Arrogant beyond belief I'd love to punch him in his face #bbcqt

@jaydenrush - #bbcqt Please increase the speed of your panelists it's difficult to maintain interest when pauses are 5 seconds long!

@stephengdavey - #bbcqt 'we are all in this together' -15 years as an MP gives you a pension of £45k per year for life, are we bollocks

@_seanmiller - #bbcqt just brilliant. Kind of makes me hate everybody in the universe though.

@thejazzylisab - @bbcqt I'm sure Norway, Denmark and Sweden will appreciate being called rinky dinky democracies!

@yellowhannah33 - catching up with #bbcqt . the company that gave the Tory public speaking lessons clearly didn't kick the smug out of him. #sigh

@JoWallace - Well after that #bbcqt I'm just upset that there's no This Week and creepy/sleepy Portillo to put things in perspective!!

@likecrazypaving - *briefly puts on #bbcqt * *hears "we're all in this together"* *flings tv out window*

The Johann Hari story rumbled on after his suspension from the Independent for plagiarism and using Wikipedia to make malicious attacks:

@johannhari101 - The Independent has asked me not to make any public comment until its inquiry has reported in September.

@wallaceme - Not sure it reflects well on readers of left-wing blogs that they voted Johann Hari 40th best UK lefty blogger despite what's happened!

@gdorean - "You couldn't make it up," Johann Hari.

@PaulEbbs - This tweet was stolen from Johann Hari

Former Labour leader and loser of the 1992 general election Neil Kinnock, tasted indirect political success when his daughter-in-law was elected Danish prime minister:

@Nigel_Farage - Pity the Danes: Mrs Kinnock now the Prime Minister. I am going there on Sunday and shall commiserate.

@GeorgeFoulkes - At last - a Kinnock is Prime Minister

@David_Harney - Just thinking back to 84, #Labour leader Niel Kinnock standing on the Durham Picket Line with Arthur & the miners. Now THAT was a Leader!

@nealfrankland - Neil Kinnock used to make a lot of stirring speeches - it changed nothing.

The Welsh mine tragedy brought messages of support from a great number of MPs:

@ChrisBryantMP - Heart goes out to the miners trapped at Pontardawe. Savage reminder of the value of mines rescue service in dinas

@ jreedmp - From one historic mining community to another; all of the thoughts of people in West Cumbria are with those in Wales.

@SarahBrownUK - Heartfelt sympathy for the Welsh miners and their families today

And finally a few of the best insights into the lives and thoughts of MPs:

@tom_watson - Today in the Watson parliamentary office we are listening to: Dire Straits. I'm lauging to myself. Sorry music friends.

@DavidJonesMP - Peter Hain accuses @CherylGillanMP of "Stalinism". Never did fully master the art of understatement, Peter.

@MichaelDugherMP - Danny Fink in the Times: "it is obviously impossible for an MP to have a successful parliamentary career without a seat". Quite brilliant.


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