Ed Miliband: Gaddafi regime is crumbling

Ed Miliband: Gaddafi regime is crumbling
Ed Miliband: Gaddafi regime is crumbling

Ed Miliband, Labour leader, says Gaddafi regime is crumbling but transition to stable government will be vital:

"The situation in Libya remains fraught and fragile but what is clear is that the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is crumbling.

"This is to be welcomed by all those who believe dictatorship, brutality and threats against civilians should not be allowed to stand.

"Anybody looking at the scenes from Tripoli will see a people who want to be freed from the repression which has marked Colonel Gaddafi's rule.

"As we see events unfold in Libya, we should take pride in the role of brave British servicemen and women and the way Britain is working with other countries to enforce the will of the United Nations.

"The international community has come together on Libya to show it can unite and stop the brutal murder of his own people that Colonel Gaddafi threatened.

"The challenge now is to ensure that a transition takes place from popular revolt against Colonel Gaddafi to stable government without him.

"The best way for Libya to move forward is through a transition led and enforced by the Libyan people that learns the lessons of the past, including Iraq.

"The priorities are public order, improved lives for the people of Libya and an inclusive, peaceful settlement led by the Libyan people."


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