The political week on Twitter

The political week on Twitter
The political week on Twitter

This week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Wife of the speaker Sally Bercow sums up the summer recess:

@SallyBercow - Love August. You can stick on an 'Out of Office' email all month long and no one bats an eyelid :) #anyexcusenottodoadmin

A new hackgate arrest sends Twitter into overdrive:

@laurenlaverne - Trying to work out who the new #Hackgate arrest is. Bit worried it might be Santa :( How *else* could he know if you've been naughty/nice?

@benjyhall - Most depressing thing about #hackgate? I would probably make a great private investigator but there must be less demand for them now.

The sentencing of Rupert Murdoch's shaving foam pie attacker Jonnie Marbles leads to copious pie jokes:

@guidofawkes - Tough on pie, tough on the causes of pie. @JonnieMarbLes gets six weeks.

@martincollins - @JonnieMarbLes Should have been 3.14159..............

@mShapland - @JonnieMarbLes must be foaming at the mouth... Not so Pie-ous now eh? #piegate

Heather Mills' allegations of phone-hacking at the Mirror group puts the spotlight on former Mirror editor Piers Morgan:

@tim_mytweets - If they summon Piers Morgan to the Commons about #hackgate the MPs could have X's above them that they can buzz if they don't believe him

@BenHarvell - #hackgate got serious when innocents were affected and investigations were hampered. Now Heather Mills drags it back to quasi-celeb moans

@piersmorgan - So heart-warming that everyone in UK's missing me so much they want me to come home. #swoon

Seventy six year old MP Paul Flynn announces that all MPs have sexual magnetism in his book How to be a Backbencher:

@Lord_Credo - If Paul Flynn is sexually attractive to women, I will hand wash Rod Liddle's pants for a month.

Blogger Guido Fawkes' reinstate the death penalty e-petition spurs debate:

@dnwx - The death penalty would be no good in England. We're rubbish at penalties... #DP #DeathPenalty

@Andrew_Keenan - Death penalty: supported by people who think that tax is an infringement of personal liberty, but being put to death isn't. #restore

@EdJ_C - The death penalty acts as a great deterrent in the US where crime is virtually unknown. #restore

@sunny_hundal – Best way to kill the Sun's campaign for death penalty? Call for people who hack phones of dead children also be eligible for it.


@Old_Holborn - Ok, I give in. Bring back the death penalty for the 352 MPs who fiddled their expenses. #restore

Culture, media and sport select committee member Louise Mensch gives her views on the phone-hacking scandal:

@LouiseMensch - I'm not interested in "getting" anyone at this stage. Be healthier for the UK if papers and editors came clean about the past...

@LouiseMensch - ...we established a regulator with teeth (a much beefed up PCC), a compensation fund was set up for victims...

@LouiseMensch - ...and our free press could start with a clean slate and new respect from the public. That's what I want as a politican.

And then flirts with Piers Morgan, who she clashed with last week:

@LouiseMensch - @piersmorgan you do make me smile #trueconfessions

@piersmorgan – Bet that's just the half of it

@mk1969 - @piersmorgan PaddyPower offering 6/4 on you and @louisemensch announcing engagement in 2013.


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