Unite: Coalition is launching gunboat diplomacy

Unite: Coalition is launching gunboat diplomacy
Unite: Coalition is launching gunboat diplomacy

Gail Cartmail, Unite assistant general secretary, slams treasury minister for 'bombing talks' with media intervention in the public sector pensions dispute:

"It is completely wrong of Danny Alexander to hit the media airwaves to make detailed announcements on the current negotiations. It is tantamount to bombing the talks.

"We have moved in the flash of a media soundbite from tough, detailed negotiations to gunboat diplomacy by the Treasury.

"As a result, millions of public sector workers, many of them women, such as classroom assistants, health visitors, and nursery nurses are in the firing line and face complete uncertainty about their future pension.

"Independent pension experts and analysts have repeatedly warned against Treasury-led 'quick fixes' which threaten the very viability of the public sectors schemes. This is because people will just leave the schemes as they can’t either afford the contributions or the benefits they will receive will be so low - or both.

"Danny Alexander has raised issues, such as specific contributions' increases, which have never been raised in the talks.

"Our position is that we entered the TUC-led talks in good faith and at the conclusion of these talks, we will put the details to our members for their views. Today's gunboat diplomacy gravely threatens the integrity of these negotiations."


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