Unite: Privatisation will not be abandoned

Unite: Privatisation will not be abandoned
Unite: Privatisation will not be abandoned

Rachael Maskell, Unite national officer for health, warns that the privatisation train has been delayed rather than derailed:

"The problem with Monitor is that it will now promote choice, competition and collaboration - all of which are contradictory aims."

"The hybrid mess that Monitor will become will do to the NHS what other botched regulatory bodies have done to other public services - from rail to social care. Unless patient care comes first, then Monitor will fail patients - and our politicians will have failed them too."

"The Future Forum has come up with a series of placebos; suggesting tinkering with the timescale, playing down the involvement of private healthcare companies, and the health secretary remaining ultimately in charge of the NHS."

"The way that David Cameron and Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley will interpret the Future Forum's recommendations is that the pace of the privatisation of the NHS will be slowed down, but not abandoned – that’s the crux."

"The bill's troubles will continue if the coalition persists in sidelining the legitimate concerns of health professionals, patients and the public."

"The Liberal Democrats have to be aware that the privatisation train – which will turn into the gravy train for private healthcare companies – has not been derailed, but just delayed."


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