A Department of Health spokesperson said in response to the BMA’s survey:

“Change is often met with apprehension. That’s why we will continue to listen to doctors and to support them. But doing nothing is not an option. With growing demands on healthcare and outcomes, like cancer survival rates, amongst the worst in Europe, we need to modernise the NHS now. We are glad to see the vast majority of doctors want to take on more control and work across the primary and acute sector. That is exactly what our plans will enable.

“It is clear from this survey, that there are a few misconceptions about competition. We are not introducing price competition and we will never privatise our NHS. We are investing an extra £10.7 billion and services will remain free at the point of use, based on need and not on ability to pay. Separately, the BMA have always opposed giving NHS patients choice of voluntary and independent providers, including its introduction by the previous government.”