Quilliam: Welcome and positive


Maajid Nawaz, director of Quilliam, comments on the government's review of counter-terrorism laws:

"Today's review of the government's counter-terrorism powers is a welcome and positive development. The system of control orders established by the previous government was seen to be an imperfect but necessary evil and it is therefore right that it has been reviewed. It is good news that the Coalition has recognised the problems of the old control orders system while also recognising that, in the absence of any alternatives, scrapping the system altogether is not feasible and may increase the risk of terrorist attacks.

"At the same, we should remember that there is no substitute for giving people a fair and open trial. The government, the police and the security services need to make sure that wherever possible suspected terrorists receive fair trials in which they and their lawyers are able to view and challenge all the evidence against them before a jury. British traditions of justice should be upheld and defended wherever possible. Control orders - or whatever system replaces them - should remain only a last resort.

"It should also be recognised that in many cases such control and monitoring systems are an alternative to deporting individuals to countries where they may be at risk of torture or execution."


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