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Holmfirth, a typical town in the Colne Valley three-way marginal

Election focus: Colne Valley

Colne Valley demonstrates the problem with three-way marginals: no-one knows who's going to win.

  • Alex Story is the Conservative candidate for Wakefield

    Sketch: A tall Story

    Once an Olympic rower, now the Conservative candidate for Wakefield, Alex Story is one of the 2010 campaign's larger-than-life characters.

  • Candidates are younger than ever in this election

    The kids are all right

    With new laws passed in 2006 to allow those under 21 to become MPs it was time to investigate whether the youngsters were taking advantage of their new found political engagement.

  • David Cameron, passing the time, visited a Coca-Cola factory

    Sketch: Pop-ular Cameron finally fizzes

    David Cameron, seeking to put a bit of fizz into his campaign, has put in a visit to the Coca-Cola factory in Wakefield.

  • Conservatives


    After 13 years out of government, the Conservatives finally have a realistic opportunity to return to power. Success is by no means guaranteed.


    Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

    The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) may have weathered a storm in recent years as they fought to make powersharing work, but they now face a tough test to make progress in Northern Ireland's Westminster elections.


    Sinn Fein

    A lot of Irish water has passed under the bridge since the last Westminster elections in Northern Ireland. How will powersharing affect Sinn Fein's prospects in the province of returning its five MPs?

  • Saddleworth

    Election focus: Oldham East and Saddleworth

    A confident Liberal Democrat campaign is threatening to unseat immigration minister Phil Woolas - but anything is possible in this split-personality seat.

  • Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrats

    The Liberal Democrats face their first general election under Nick Clegg's leadership in 2010.

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