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Comment: Why Britain needs a hung parliament

Commentators claim a hung parliament could ruin this country. Far from it: it's exactly what we need.


    Put your questions to Nick Clegg

    On Wednesday 17th March will be conducting an in-depth interview with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. But rather than us ask all the questions we thought we would give our readers the chance to ask a few of their own as well.


    Expenses prosecutions: The charges

    Expenses prosecutions: The charges


    A brain dump

    A wave of jargon is sweeping across the public sector. If coterminous thinking outside the box is not immediately meaningfully dialogued, plain English champions are warning there is a grave danger the government will go bottom-up.

  • Environment and economy will benefit from high-speed rail

    Analysis: On the right track

    The announcement that construction of a new 250mph high-speed railway will get underway by 2017 is good news for both the environment and the economy of Britain.


    PMQs as-it-happened

    David Cameron will not want to let Gordon Brown's claims about the economy go unanswered as the pair line up for another prime minister's questions. Follow all the action live right here on

  • Cameron lost his temper - and then some

    PMQs sketch: Cameron explosion blasts Brown

    A massive blast rocked the Commons chamber this lunchtime. Fortunately for the nation, this was not a terrorist attack. It was David Cameron losing his temper.


    Comment: Innovation the cure for our economic woes

    With the major political parties fighting over who is in the best position to make the swingeing cuts necessary to help fix our ailing economy, not enough attention is being paid to the question of how we become profitable again.


    Retiring MPs: The full list

    Here's the latest list of the MPs who are standing down - and why they're choosing to do so.

  • Mark Serwotka is general secretary of the PCS union

    Audio: Mark Serwotka on PCS strikes

    PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka calls on the government to come to the negotiating table on the second day of a 48-hour strike.

  • Put the ingredients together, and there you have it: a perfectly-formed rally

    Sketch: Solidarity, and its limits

    It's a basic equation: a spot of solidarity, a dash of militancy, and the thirst for a decent media stunt is all you really need to get your union rallies coming out redder than red.

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