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Gordon Brown talks openly about the loss of his daughter this weekend

Analysis: The art of crying

The public, whose default attitude towards politicians is one of deep suspicion, are at their most sensitive when our elected representatives cry. Gordon Brown's gamble this weekend might not pay off.

  • MPs are concerned parliamentary privilege could be use to protect those on trial for their expenses.

    Parliamentary privilege

    Three Labour MPs and one Tory peer have had the whip suspended as they face trial allegedly fiddling their expenses.


    Election 2010: The polls

    The news just keeps getting worse for the Conservatives, with a consolidation of their reduced poll lead, and some surveys putting David Cameron just seven points ahead.


    Feature: New Labour, old tactic

    Labour campaigners hope pointing to 'Tory cuts' in Conservative-run local authorities will help their defence of key marginal seats. The tactic may not be as straightforward as they think.


    Comment: Who let the lobbyists in?

    The release of information on parliamentary rooms booked out by MPs for entertaining provides a valuable insight into the space between politics and the private sector.

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