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Comment: Decision time for DfID's future

Despite cross-party agreements on aid, the parties have important choices to make on international development.

  • This was reality TV at its best

    PMQs sketch: Fetch the sick-bags

    Gordon Brown's efforts to demonstrate his sweet and tender nature may have gone a little too far. Was it really necessary to organise a full-on love-in with his chancellor?


    Audio: Ed Davey on torture complicity

    Listen to Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey support Reprieve's legal action seeking to force the government to publish its guidance on intelligence gained through torture:


    Comment: The price of free speech

    A debate on multiculturalism at Durham University had to be called off last week because of the possibility of violent action. But this didn't come from right-wing extremists, it came from the NUS.


    Election focus: Nuneaton

    There's no smoke without fire in Nuneaton, where Labour is facing one of its toughest fights in the West Midlands.

  • Cuts continue to dominate the political agenda

    Spending cuts

    The debate over spending cuts continues to dominate the political agenda as the general election approaches.

  • Pervez Musharraf, no longer president of Pakistan

    Sketch: An unreconstructed autocrat

    Much of our time is spent worrying about the authoritarian leanings of our leaders. Things are so much simpler on the unstable subcontinent.


    Election focus: Gedling

    Local council politics are likely to dominate in the crucial swing seat of Gedling come the general election.

  • Gordon Brown talks openly about the loss of his daughter this weekend

    Analysis: The art of crying

    The public, whose default attitude towards politicians is one of deep suspicion, are at their most sensitive when our elected representatives cry. Gordon Brown's gamble this weekend might not pay off.

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