Archive of 6 January 2010

The last effort to get Brown out of Downing Street exploded across Westminster today

Analysis: The last-ditch plot to oust Brown

The final attempt to oust Gordon Brown exploded across a stunned Westminster today. Everything comes down to the next few hours.


    Feature: The gloves come off

    Labour are ready for a bare-fisted animal fight. The Conservatives are watching them carefully - and sharpening their knives.

  • Brown seems upbeat, is a shock result on the way?

    Revived Labour?

    A series of opinion polls have hinted at a resurgent Labour performance in the general election.


    Audio: Geoff Hoon

    Labour's Geoff Hoon attempts to justify his decision to call for a parliamentary Labour party vote on Gordon Brown's leadership.


    Audio: Tony Lloyd

    Parliamentary Labour party chairman Tony Lloyd condemns Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt's attempt to secure a vote on Gordon Brown's leadership:

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