Archive of 6 January 2010

The last effort to get Brown out of Downing Street exploded across Westminster today

Analysis: The last-ditch plot to oust Brown

The final attempt to oust Gordon Brown exploded across a stunned Westminster today. Everything comes down to the next few hours.


    Feature: The gloves come off

    Labour are ready for a bare-fisted animal fight. The Conservatives are watching them carefully - and sharpening their knives.


    Audio: Tony Lloyd

    Parliamentary Labour party chairman Tony Lloyd condemns Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt's attempt to secure a vote on Gordon Brown's leadership:


    Audio: Geoff Hoon

    Labour's Geoff Hoon attempts to justify his decision to call for a parliamentary Labour party vote on Gordon Brown's leadership.


    Labour rebels in full

    In an afternoon of high drama in Westminster, tracks those Labour MPs publicly joining Hoon and Hewitt's calls for a secret ballot.

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