Shafiq: Govt is committed to freedom

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, comments on the prospect of a burkha ban:

"I have always supported the right of women to choose how they dress and any attempt to try to stifle the right of Muslim women as shown by Philip Hollobone MP will be strongly challenged, that is why I welcome the commitment shown today by the immigration minister Damian Green MP and the environment secretary Caroline Spelman MP to the UK government never banning the burkha and veil.

"The uniqueness of this great nation is its freedom; the right how to dress, speak and live according to one's own choice, that is why the right of Muslim women to wear the veil should be protected by this government and I welcome their commitment to freedom.

"I do however believe that action should be taken by the Conservative party and the House of Common authorities when a public servant refuses to meet his constituents because they wear the veil, this is a breach of the role of an MP and public service.

"I am writing to the Speaker of the House of Commons today asking for that investigation."


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