Archive of August 2009

Audio: Gary McKinnon's mother breaks down

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp breaks down as she explains her fears for her son's wellbeing.


    Feature: Fake websites and the new media

    A spoof website with the Baltimore mayor's angry riposte to shadow home secretary Chris Grayling saw several news sites run with the story. Web 2.0 is challenging journalists like never before.

  • Chris Addison

    Interview: Chris Addison

    The star of In The Loop talks to about political comedies, irony, and why he'll never vote Tory.

  • Stephen Hale

    Interview: Stephen Hale

    With Copenhagen looming large, Stephen Hale, director of influential environmental think tank Green Alliance, has become something of a 'peacemaker' between politicians, big business and the voluntary sector. How does he think the UK can save the world from climate change?


    Obituary: Edward Kennedy

    Senator Edward Kennedy, the leading figure of the dynastic American family and elder statesman of the Democratic Party, has died aged 77 following a battle with cancer.


    Video: Alan Duncan on secret camera

    Watch Alan Duncan on secret camera in Westminster, as he admits believing MPs are being forced to live on "rations" after the expenses crisis.


    The beginning of open primaries?

    The Conservatives' decision to launch an open primary in Totnes raises the possibility of Britain following in the footsteps of America when it comes to selecting candidates.

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