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Government legislative programme in full gives you the full breakdown of the bills and proposals, some of them still without a home, coming up as the general election approaches.


    Tory expenses repayments in full

    Forty-five Conservative MPs have agreed to make repayments from their expenses claims after the party's scrutiny panel probed their use (or misuse) of the second homes allowance (SHA).


    PMQs as-it-happened

    Watch John Bercow's first prime minister's questions in real time, with


    Feature: The voting age controversy

    Are we about to let young people, legally not yet adults, help decide who governs the country?

  • Westminster has been rocked by the expenses scandal

    Parliamentary standards

    The government has tried to turn the tide of the expenses scandal by creating a new independent body to scrutinise MPs' claims. Will it change anything?


    How to become Speaker

    Are you a senior MP with the political nous to steer parliament through one of its most difficult periods?


    PMQs as-it-happened's minute by minute account of Michael Martin's last prime minister's questions.


    As-it-happened: Expenses evidence

    Sir Christopher Kelly's committee on standards in public life is grilling Harriet Harman and co on the expenses inquiry. Follow live updates from Westminster as-it-happens on


    Iraq inquiry: The responses

    David Cameron and Nick Clegg respond to the prime minister's announcement of an inquiry into the Iraq war.

  • The Face on your Plate, by Jeffrey Masson

    Review: The Face on your Plate

    A thoughtful, persuasive text outlining some key reasons for not eating meat, ranging from the personal to the political.


    Feature: The race to reform

    Public confidence in parliament and politics has fallen off a cliff. Everyone in Westminster - from the prime minister downwards - has bright ideas about what to do next.

  • Angus Robertson is upbeat about the SNP's future

    Interview: Angus Robertson

    Angus Robertson is in a good mood. Given the SNP's strong electoral showing against Labour in last week's European elections that's no surprise.


    Dear Gordon: In two weeks I kill myself

    Read the full letter from a control order subject to the prime minister, where Mahmoud Abu Rideh asks for the right to leave the UK.

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